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Thursday 25 September 2014

60 Second Interview With The Labour Exchange Manager

    No.113: “You look as though you're dressed for a wedding!”
    Labour Exchange Manager: “Merely camouflage I assure you.”
    “You're not being individualistic are you?”
    “We do things slightly different here in the Labour Exchange. Besides black is such a dark, sombre colour don't you think?”
    No.113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “I hadn't really considered it before.”
    “You should my boy, you should. But where are my manners? Would you like some tea, oh please do sit down.”
   “What in that chair?”
   “Why yes.”
   “Number Six sat in that chair!”
   “Did he?
   “You know he did.
   “Would your friend like a cup of tea?”
   “Milk, four sugars, and a biscuit would go down well.”
   “Not afraid of putting on weight then?”
   “No, only being reduced!”
   The manager pours out three cups of tea.
   “Well we won't argue about it. Sugar?”
   “Two lumps.”
   “Just a splash.”
   “Are you being honest?”
   “About what?”
   “The truth!”
   “I'm as truthful and honest as I am with other citizens here. See how I'm being honest with you.”
   “With everyone?”
   “Had you anyone specific in mind?”
   “Number Six.”
   “Oh him!”
   “You knew exactly what Number Six would do if he were elected as the new Number Two.”
   “Of course. Well he's so predictable. It made my task that much easier with him. Oh do sit down. Your tea.”
   “Thank you but no. Not in that chair!”
   “Why not?
   “You're not being honest with me.”
   “Perhaps your friend might care to take the weight off his feet.”
   “What me sit in that chair? Not likely, its electrified!”
   “Fair point.”
   “I had it electrified, less cumbersome than leather straps.”
   “Subjects resist this lie detector?”
    “The truth test.”
   “Same thing, but they resist it.”
   “Oh no, just being restrained in that chair. They don't seem to like it. Wouldn't give me time to secure the leather straps!”
   “I'm not surprised.
   “Won't you please sit down?
   No.113 It was at this point that I felt queasy, something in the tea? I became light headed, and had to sit down for a moment!
  “Now my boy, this is merely the truth test. And everything you say is said in absolute confidence..........”

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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