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Monday 22 September 2014


   No-one has ever escaped from The Village before, but apparently Professor Seltzmen did! Or at the very least it is assumed that Seltzman managed to escape The Village in the guise of the Colonel. If Number 2 had been quick enough he could have contacted the pilot of the helicopter by radio and ordered him to return the Colonel to The Village. Failing that, there is always the opportunity to intercept the Colonel at the landing stage {mentioned by Number 2 in The Schizoid Man} before he boards a boat for home.
    I think the reason why the impression is given that Seltzman escapes The Village lies in the film of the helicopter flying away from The Village. It is the same film used in a previous episode ‘It’s Your Funeral, when the retiring Number 2 is being flown to the landing stage. Suddenly the helicopter turns back towards The Village. Yet in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ the piece of film is cut just short of the moment the helicopter turns back on itself! Hence suggesting Professor Seltzman actually escaped The Village, which he may very well have done, seeing that Number 2 was too stunned and shocked to react to the situation. Not only was the Colonel dead, but someone had managed to escape The Village on his watch. But never mind, I’m sure “they” will catch up with the Colonel/Professor Seltzman eventually, no matter where he goes.

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  1. I believe it's spelled "considered". As in "I am considered to be a leading authority." Rather undermine's one's authority otherwise, wouldn't you agree? Be seeing you.