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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Village Life!

    No.242 "It shouldn't be doing that should it?"
    No.243 "No, its metomorphosised!"
    "Why did it do that?"
    "I don't know."
   "What are we going to do about it?"
   "Not sure if there is anything we can do."
   "You mean it could be a natural phenomenon of evolution?"
   "If it is, we'll have to call it Richard from now on!"



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    1. Hi Nadia,
      Nice to hear from you
      By accident I deleted your comment, my apologies for that, having clicked on the wrong button by mistake.
      Yes Number 14, who likes to give the right impression. I like the way he's slumbering in an armchair, perhaps dozing, then upon hearing the double steel doors of Number 2's office he jumps up giving the impression that he's been standing there all the time!

      Had Number 2 trusted Number 14, he is the one person who could have helped him.

      Very best regards

  2. Hi David
    Whilst watching the series I often wonder about the army of people involved in the actual running of the village. Do they get together and have a laugh when the bosses backs are turned? Would it be like any other workplace?
    I particularly like that scene in Hammer into Anvil when No 2 surprises his assistant who's sitting around twidding his thumbs in the hallway outside 2's office. Must be boring just waiting around for when you're needed!

    1. Hello again Nadia,
      I was actually able to retrieve your comment, which I was happy about.
      I suppose that for the actual work-force working in The Village would become like any other job, in time. They would effectively become Prisoners like anyone else there, not being able to leave. The work-force would be very large, and presumably would not be able to mingle with the inmates! So, thinking about the size of The Village, there must have been other quarters where the work-force live, eat and sleep, not in The Village itself!

      Very kind regards

  3. Hello Nadia, a short time ago David and I were discussing this very aspect, who actually runs the Village, which to me boils down to nothing less than the possibility of the Village at all. David kindly let me have his article on the "mundane Village". You may want to read it, check here: - BCNU!