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Friday 12 September 2014

Bureau of Visual Records

   Be still, was the order given to the citizens by Number 2 in the central Piazza during ‘Arrival.’ A warning that The Village Guardian was about to put in an appearance. Everyone, including the Prisoner stood stock still, everyone except one young man who dodged about in circles. Why? Whether or not this young man was openly defying Number 2’s order, or whether he was part of a demonstration for the benefit of the Prisoner, is unknown. The order to “Be still” is suggestive that The Village Guardian homes in on movement, that’s why it attacked the young man.
   That being the case, how are we to interpret the opening scene in ‘Checkmate’ when everyone stands stock still in the road, even cyclists dismount their bicycles to stand still as the Village Guardian comes bounding along the road. Well everyone except Number 14, the man with the stick, who comes hobbling along as the Village Guardian passes by. Why didn’t the Guardian attack him? Perhaps the Guardian detected the man’s movement, that, and his limp, and decided for itself that there was no danger of him escaping, being too old and frail!

Be seeing you


  1. There's not a simple answer. After the audience has come to know the baloon and its abilities to kill this initial scene stresses the man's significance and importance, he is a strong personality, lke No. 6 he's defiant. I've always wondered, however, that and why this character, in the course of the episode action, gets lost almost into oblivion. In the end he's a mere follower. But the "true" reason he's not attacked by Rover most likely is that he's working for the Village. They were hoping he might appeal No. 6, and that's what happened. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes that is what I have found, there is no simple answer. And it is a pity that such an important character, with such a strong independent personality like his, dissipates into nothing, as you say, becoming a mere follower.
      I like very much your idea that he's working for The Village, well he did tell Number 6 that sometimes people join the enemy against ourselves, perhaps he had. And the man with the stick certainly had appeal, Number 6 couldn't help but be attracted to the man who wasn't attacked by the Guardian, he became inquisitive. And of course he set Number 6 on his way to find his reliable men.

      Very kind regards