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Friday 12 September 2014

Teabreak Teaser

   In the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man’ why did Rover attack Number 12-Curtis and not Number 6?



  1. I think maybe Rover's rudimentary brain - be it biological or mechanical, we don't know - was confused by the two identical men both giving the same password. I guess if Curtis hadn't panicked he'd not have been killed by the beast (the fact that Rover killed what it thought was The Village's star prisoner says something for the turmoil it's brain must have been going through).

    1. Hello Anthony,
      Yes I would imagine Rover would be confused when confronted by a pair of Sixes. Curtis should have stood his ground, and as you say he might not have been killed by the beast. But then what? Well I suppose Curtis would have been allowed to leave The Village, in the same way as Number 6 attempted to escape, and Number 2 would still have failed! But it would have been far less dramatic!

      Very kind regards