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Sunday 21 September 2014

You’re a Stubborn Fellow Number Six!

   He is rather. Having escaped The Village during ‘Many Happy Returns,’ is not enough for our friend Number 6. He has questions he wants answers to, and might seek retribution, compensation even. But for now he must locate The Village, yet needs the help of his ex-colleagues. A search area is defined by the aid of calculation and Number 6's schoolboy log. And now its up to Number 6 to go and find The Village! Now if that was me I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to set off on a journey of discovery. After all he’s only just returned home after what was a long, dangerous and traumatic sea voyage, and here he is in a hurry to be on his way again. It’s almost as though Number 6 cannot wait to return to The Village. It might have been better for him if he had left it to his ex-colleagues to go and find The Village. But then after his experience of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ Number 6 probably didn’t trust his ex-colleagues that much to let them do that, after all they might not tell him its location. If the previous Colonel and Fotheringay are anything to go by, perhaps the Colonel and Thorpe knew it all the time!

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