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Monday 15 September 2014

Top Hats And Undertakers

    These are the men that go to make up the administration of The Village. They also go to make up the Education Board which has to authorise each and every lecture. You will recall how when Number 2 took the latest of the Professor’s lectures to the projectionist, how he asked if the Board had approved it, to which Number 2 replied “It will be.” So no matter how enthusiastic Number 2 was for Speedlearn, even he had to be answerable to the Board!
   But Top Hats do not just operate within The Village, they also operate as agents in the outside world. Operating as Undertakers, abducting people from their homes. Unless, of course, it happens that the Undertaker’s appearance is coincidental to that of Top Hat administrators in The Village. That would mean that agents like the one operating in ’Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ and the two Undertakers who abducted the Prisoner from his home have never been anywhere near the Village! If not that, then Top Hat officials operate both within and without The Village, free to come and go as need be. It would appear that the very short list of people who are allowed to leave The Village gets longer all the time!
   Number 6 impersonated a Top Hat official Number 56. Number 2 in the same episode ‘The General’ dressed as a Top Hat official, the only Number 2 we see to do so. Was that simply because he was a member of the Education Board, or did all Number 2s have to dress as such whenever there was such a meeting within Administration? Seeing that Number 2 is the Chief Administrator.

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