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Monday 8 September 2014

Mind The Fall Out!

     With the Supervisor having been promoted to the new Number 2 in ‘Once Upon A time’ by Number 2, it fell upon him, out of duty, and no doubt curiosity, to releases the inhabitants of the Embryo Room. Having sealed Number 2’s body in the cage, the new Number 2 asked what Number 6 wanted, “Number One” said Number 6, “I’ll take you" he said.
   Then in ‘Fall Out,’ Number 2 took his place amongst the delegates on the benches of the Assembly. My wife asked “Who is in charge of The Village, who is Number 2?  The Supervisor-Number 28 had been promoted to Number 2 for one week. So probably Number 2 promoted someone else, as the Supervisor’s assistant Number 60 had been promoted to Supervisor in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ Mind you, they had brought back another former Number 2 to take the role of President or Judge, if you prefer, in order to preside over the three trials in ‘Fall Out.’
    It’s interesting, because during the proceedings of ‘Fall Out’ life in The Village itself goes on as normal, and someone would have to oversee that. Whoever it was, it would have come as something of a shock to see The Village being evacuated, especially when he hadn’t given any such order in the first place. But then Number 2 had given the order to evacuate the Village, even if he had taken the decision upon his own shoulders. No doubt he felt it was for the best.

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