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Saturday 20 September 2014

Too Old For Escape!

    Number 14, the man with the stick, ex-Count the chess champion explained to Number 6 that he's too old for escape, that's why he keeps his mind alert at his age, just to defy them. He's a clever man this Number 14, he's like Number 6, he's on his own side. He sees Number 6 as being new in The Village, because in time most citizens join the enemy against ourselves. 14 is also aware of the simple psychology, judging people by their dispositions, by the moves they make, you soon know who's for or against you. Its the way it is in life, you judge by attitudes. Like everyone who has a plan to escape, Number 14 had his, but obviously it failed. Perhaps Number 14 applied the same advice he gave to Number 6 to his own escape plan. That he judged people by attitudes, distinguishing between the blacks and whites, and amassing his own reliable men. What went wrong? Who can say. Perhaps there was a traitor with their ranks, it might be that like Number 6, Number 14 fell foul of Number 8, seeing as she had often helped others with their plans which never succeeded either!

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