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Friday 26 September 2014

Who's That On The Telephono?

   New Number 2 “You called me?”
    Number 20-manager of the Labour Exchange “No, I didn’t call. You called me.”
    “No I didn’t call you. The telephone bleeped so I answered it.”
    “The same here, I was just making a note in my ledger about you…..”
    “Really, what did you write?”
    “I wonder how long he will last? Then the telephone bleeped so I answered it.”
    “Well I didn’t put the call through.”
    “Neither did I.”
    “There seems to be some confusion.”
    “Well if you didn’t put the call through, and I know I didn’t, who did?”
    “Echo answers who!”
    “Well is there anything I can do for you while you’re on the line?”
    “Just checking, be seeing you
    “And you.”


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