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Thursday 25 September 2014


     Number Six is down on the beach looking for the Professor’s tape recorder he found in the sand. Then he hears a noise, and from the nearby bushes he drags Number Twelve out by the lapels of his blazer.
    Anything I can do for you?” barks Number Six.
    “You want to get out of this place don’t you?”
    Number Twelve puts a hand into a blazer pocket and produces the Professor’s tape recorder. “There’s your passport.”
    Number Six takes the tape recorder.
    Earlier Number Two told Number Six that he was thinking that a compromise could be arranged in exchange for the recorder. Meaning that if Number Six hands over the Professor’s tape recorder he could leave The Village. But then Number Six doesn’t trust Number Two, he doesn’t trust Number Twelve, he only trusts himself. He knows that Number 2 isn’t going to just let him go in exchange for the tape recorder, that’s why having listened to the Professor’s message, he's willing gives it back to Number Two. Well he doesn’t need it any more, apparently neither does the Professor!
   In a later episode of Number Six’s ordeal, he was once again in possession of another passport out of The Village. The radio detonator to the plastic explosive in the Great Seal of Office hanging about the shoulders of the new Number Two. No-one would question its authority, and yet Number Six does not take advantage of this device and the opportunity afforded by its possession. Instead he gives the detonator to the retired Number 2, he is to use it to escape The Village. One might be forgiven in thinking that this is a generous act on the part of Number Six. And yet, as we see the scene played out, it is Number Six who stops the new Number Two from removing the Great Seal of Office. In such a situation, there was no-one, save Monique, who could have done the same for Number 6.

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