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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Quote For the Day

    "I know who you are."
    "I'm Number Six."
    "No, D Six."
    "D Six?"
    "Yes.... sent here by our masters to spy on me."
    "Sorry I'm not quite with you."
    "Oh yes, oh yes, you can stop acting now you know, I was on to you from the beginning, I knew what you were doing."
    "Tell me."
    "All those messages you sent. and all the people you recruited. I knew you were a plant. You didn't fool me!"
                                                     {Number 2 and Number 6 - Hammer Into Anvil}
   This is one of the few times that the Prisoner accepts his number. And Number 2 refers to their masters, masters outside The Village. Perhaps they are the same ones to whom Cobb refers, and mustn't keep waiting. And no doubt the same ones who sent Number 2 instructions by teleprinter.
   When I first watched 'the Prisoner' in 1967 I thought Number 2 of 'Hammer Into Anvil' had got it right. that Number 6 resigning his job was a smokescreen, so that he would he abducted to The Village as a plant. Mind you having said that, I though Number 6 had escaped during 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' and I was wrong about that, and again with Many Happy Returns,' they certainly fooled me!

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