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Monday 29 September 2014

Village Life!

    "Good morning Number Twelve."
    "Good morning Number Thirty-Six. Where are you going?"
    "I'm taking this gentleman for a walk."
    "In a wheelchair?"
    "Oh don't be cruel, he's had a rough ordeal."
    "No rougher than me I assure you."
    "Don't be silly, nothings happened to you, well not since I last saw you."
    "Well what happened to him?"
     "He's a former Number 2. He was denounced as being unmutual, it was terrible. People chased him through the Village, and into the Green Dome it was a terrible shock for him."
    "It must have been."
    "It was worse."
    "How so?"
    "They sub-divided him!"
    "You mean they put a letter after his number, how terrible for him!"
   "The people manhandled him to the hospital and the doctors there took his brain away!"


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