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Saturday 27 September 2014

Caught On Camera!

   One might think that that The Girl and her father would have been more organised to have all his important papers long packed up before the countdown for the firing of the rocket was commenced. What are those papers? They are the history of......well the history of the project to destroy London, which must have taken years to prepare. And I've often wondered how the rocket was built up inside the lighthouse. But I suppose that's one of the aspects of this story we have to take for granted, after all it is a fairytale. As for those papers packed into briefcases, well they could be anything. There is a blueprint amongst them, but what of, remains a mystery. Just a minute.....that sketch on the paper there, that doodle looks like a thatched roofed country cottage with smoke coming out of the chimney!
   Be seeing you


  1. Well spotted!
    Perhaps it's No. 6's local pub!

    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      I came across it quite by chance. Yes that's right, the Thatched Barn as it was before it was demolished back in the 1980's.

      Very best regards