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Sunday 21 September 2014

And so It Begins!

    It would appear that escape from The Village is possible after all, if ‘Fall Out’ is anything to go by. And yet appearances can be deceptive. Four confederates travel from The Village back to England. Somewhere along the A20 the youth is dropped off, and commences to try and thumb a lift in either direction of the motorway. The former Number 2 retakes his place in the Establishment somewhere in the Houses of Parliament. And the former Number 6 returns to his London home, only to get into his Lotus Seven and drive off, while the Butler goes into the house of No.1 Buckingham Place and packs two suitcases in readiness for his master's return.
   The Prisoner drives through the busy London traffic. He eventually parks his car in an underground car park, storms into an office, rants and raves at a man sat behind a desk, and slamming down an envelope, handing in his letter of resignation. He leaves the office, departs the underground car park and drives home. He collects his passport and airline ticket, along with the two suitcases packed by the Butler. But there is no sign of the Butler. You would think that he would be there to greet his master upon returning home. Outside an undertaker approaches the front door, he lets himself in with a key. He walks along the hallway stopping at the closed study door. Taking a gas gun from his pocket he puts it to the keyhole and squeezes the trigger. White vapour is forced into the room beyond. The man stops in his tracks, gazes out of the window at the skyscrapers which begin to spin. The man falls back on a couch unconscious. The two undertakers wait for the nerve gas to dissipate, carrying into the house a coffin and into the study. The body of a man is placed in the coffin, the lid replaced, the coffin carried out of the house and put into the hearse, which is slowly driven away. And so it begins. As for the youth still trying to hitch a ride but in no particular direction, which makes him the odd one out, as we do not see his place of origin, nor where he was going. But that’s youth for you, nothing really matters at that age. However we do see the origin of a man who will one day become Number 2 Chairman of The Village. For the moment he has his place in another village, The Village of Westminster. And the Butler?
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