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Saturday 13 September 2014

I’m Not One Of Them!

   No of course you’re not, no-one is, and yet there are so many of them! It’s no wonder Number 6 didn’t believe Monique at first. After all he had been taken in, and betrayed by women before. And now here was another one looking for his help in preventing an assassination! No wonder Number 6 didn’t believe her. After all, all she had to do was go to the Town Hall, the Citizens Town Council offers help and advice to everyone. I thought that was the Citizens Advice Bureau? But I suppose it’s all the same really, they didn’t believe her anyway, nor did Number 6, at the beginning. Well he had run foul of manipulative women before, the personal maid Number 66, and Nadia Rakovsky if that was even her name. Then came another personal maid, Number 58, who turned out to be the most vicious, sadistic, unfeeling female it was the Prisoner’s misfortune to meet. Alison-Number 24, how she and Number 6 got together is unclear, but she betrayed Number 6. No doubt Number 2 applied a certain amount of pressure, or promised her something in order to gain her co-operation against Number 6. She told Number 6 that of she had a second chance that she wouldn’t do it again. Pity she didn’t take that into account the first time!
   Mrs Butterworth, there she was a nice as the cake she baked! Living in the Prisoner’s home, making free with his Lotus Seven, having the nerve to actually lend him his own car! And then at the end of the day she proved to be just as deceitful as any other Number 2 before her. Many happy returns indeed! But if Number 6 thought Mrs Butterworth was bad enough, he hadn’t met with that elfin-like creature. There’s a calculating female with a devious mind if ever there was one, plus there was that Observer Number 240. They had her brainwashed alright, she thought The Village was some kind of Shangri la that Number 6 wanted to spoil! At least this Number 2 knew not to have the doctor Number 40 damage the brain, that Number 6 must be won over, seeing as he has a future with The Village. I expect Number 1 told her that, or it came by instructions via the teleprinter. At the end of ‘Dance of the Dead’ Number 6 told Number 2 that she’d never win. Number 2 told him then how uncomfortable for him.
    Number 8, she wanted to help Number 6 with his escape plan if it was a good one. She told Number 6 that everyone tries to escape when their spirits broken. Number 6’s spirit didn’t seem broken, did it to you? I wonder why Number 8 thought she would be likely to know who Number 1 was? You know no-one else seemed at all bothered about who Number 1 was. I wonder just how many Number 1’s there were? Imagine if Number 8 had got to see Number 1 he’d, I mean she’d, have looked like her!
    And here we are full circle with Monique-Number 50 sneaking into the cottage of 6 Private seeking Number 6’s help. But Monique is one of the good people, just trying to protect her father. Unlike Number 86 who deceived Number 6 into believing that he had undergone the full personality change known as Instant Social Conversion. But she was no match for Number 6 who eventually turned the tables on Number 2 by using 86, who he found easy to hypnotise, in her sedated state of mind. As far as Number 86 goes, she was the last in the line to have any direct contact with Number 6. Yes there was Number 22, but her contact with Number 6 only took place in his mind. As for Number 10-The Girl Who Was Death, Number 6 only made her like that though his storytelling. And yet he must have had prior knowledge of Number 10 in order to put her in his story!
    There was one other women directly involved with Number 6, Number 14-the doctor in ‘A B and C,’ but she was only obeying orders at the coercion of Number 2. 14 who at the end seemed to be pleased that Number 6 was able to get the better of Number 2. Perhaps through Number 6 she felt some kind of exacted revenge on Number 2 for his earlier coercion into forcing her to use the drug before it had even been tested on animals, let alone humans! Whether or not it was in her mind, when Number 6 opened his eyes and saw the doctor and quite deliberately didn’t tell Number 2, we shall never know. However her response at the end is suggestive of the former.
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