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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Just A Minute!

    If we are to believe this cock and bull story, if we are to take this story at face value, and if only Number 6 had not been so quick to grasp Nadia's story as truth. If only Number 6 had not been quite so keen to escape The Village, but to give Nadia's story a little more thought. Because Nadia had said that she had a contact man, who turned out to be Karel, pictured here with the two escapees. But how did Karel know when to expect Nadia, when she was going to escape The Village? After all there was no way that Nadia could have made contact with Karel, she being a prisoner in The Village.
   There was no-way that Karel could know that Nadia was going to escape the village with Number 6, that they would be in need of an escape route to London. Yet Karel had that escape route already worked out well in advance - first by sea to Danzig. By air to Copenhagen, and by air again to London.
   We know now not to take certain aspects of the episode of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ at face value. But the first time round....... well that was a different story. We know better now....... And had Number 6 stopped to think about it a little more, well the story might very well have had a different ending. So too if Karel had his wrist watch set at Polish time!
    Nadia Rokovsky. The first time round, the viewer could have taken Nadia's story at face value, well at least until we learned the truth about her. Now we know different, and now we take her story with a pinch of salt. However, for the moment let us take Nadia Rokovsky's story at face value. She told No.6 that she worked for the government, although she does not stipulate which government. That she saw a secret file on the village, but only for a few seconds, but knows the location of The Village. Nadia's greatest desire it would seem is to hear the chimes of Big Ben, although she says she is an Estonian! Estonia was at the time, behind the Iron Curtain. So if Nadia's story had been true, she would have become a defector, a political refugee, had she escaped with No.6 to London. Having escaped both The Village, and Communist oppression in Estonia!

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