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Wednesday 17 September 2014

A Correct Diagnosis!

   If we are to take it that Number 1, as identified in ‘Fall Out,’ has been the Number 1 running The Village all the time, then surely he must know the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. This on the understanding that Number 1 is the alter ego of Number 6, and that being the case, why persist with the question “Why did Number 6 resign?”
   Perhaps the doctor’s diagnosis of the Prisoner in ‘A B and C’ is correct, that it is an anguish pattern – an agonising mental disorder. It could be that Number 6 was still agonising over his decision of having resigned, and therefore he continues to persecute himself because of his resignation. And so relives that moment over and over in his subconscious. It is always possible that the Prisoner regrets having taken that decision to resign, perhaps seeing that as the reason for him being abducted to The Village!

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  1. - I admit, haen't watches the film. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I can thoroughly recommend the film. Like the Prisoner, Harold Pelham actually comes face to face with his alter ego.

      Very best regards

  2. "It could be that Number 6 was still agonising over his decision of having resigned"
    You cannot agonise over a decision made. You might regret it or want to review it, but you cannot agonise over it, once it is made.
    However, you may be trying to make an interesting point. Who knows when you write so badly? However, although the terms Satisficer and Maximizer did not exist in the 1960s, you are probably referring to them, even though you've never heard of them before. Google them. It's an interesting phenomenon and perhaps indicates The Prisoner was a Maximiser and McGoohan a Satisficer. How's that for a balanced personality?!