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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   That tender moment in which Number 6 gives his fiancée a message which only he can give, he raises his hand to caress her check, followed by a kiss on each cheek, one on the nose, and embracing Janet they share a passionate kiss. They part, Janet steps backwards, her thoughts unable to grasp what has happened. He asks her who else could have given her that message……Janet is forced to concede “Only you.” He needs her faith. And now Janet knows, as difficult to understand as it is, she knows. And so it must follow that in the time they have together, the Prisoner must explain what has happened to him since his disappearance, his abduction to The Village. But Janet must let him go again, if he is to have any chance of returning to his original appearance. But what of Janet? Did she go and tell her father Sir Charles Portland what her fiancé had told her? Whatever she did next, she would most certainly lose her fiancé for a second time. And that makes Janet Portland perhaps the most tragic character in ‘the Prisoner,’ because although she is not in The Village, it is having a direct effect on her personal life.

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