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Monday, 1 September 2014

It's All In The Mind!

     If the events of ‘the Prisoner,’ as was suggested some years ago, having been created in Number 6's mind, then the natural starting point is whatever pushed him over-the-edge into his current mental state. That would be whatever it was that eventually brought about his resignation. There was certainly a falling out amongst friends in ‘Fall out, and it could be supposed that was a form of resignation. Number 6 having been shown his future in a crystal ball, which he rejects. It’s been an opinion that ‘the Prisoner’ actually begins with ‘Fall Out,’ after all the end of ‘Fall Out’ is the beginning of ‘Arrival,’ the classic vicious circle. And it is there that the series in the mental loop actually begins. Of course there is still much room for debate, although some  of the more obvious candidates are;
* The resignation itself, so that everything we see in The Village is imaginary.
* At the end of, or at some point in ‘Fall Out,’ the confrontation with No.1, having faced himself, to what he had become.
* The return home, having apparently “escaped.”
* In fact, any sufficiently significant or traumatic event, or contributing factor within the series.

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