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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Its Inexplicable!

    Kosho, I have always considered to be an oriental sport probably something to do with the suggestive incidental music played at the time. At the end of the bout of Kosho in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ Number 6 has Number 14 dangling over the tank of water. You feel that at any moment Number 6 will let go his grip on Number 14's belt, and dunk him in the tank of water with a huge splash. In fact when I first watched this episode as a boy, I was waiting for that very thing to happen. So why didn't it? After all, dunking Number 14 would have been in keeping with the rules of Kosho, for the one who dunks his opponent in the tank of water wins the bout. Yet as two other Kosho sportsmen entered the arena, Number 6 relented and lifted Number 14 up, and they bowed to each other, with a look of hate upon Number 14's face. I could never figure out why Number 6 let Number 14 off from a good drenching!

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