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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Penny Farthing And Rover!

    The High Bicycle gained its nickname of  Penny Farthing because of the size of its wheels, which looked like a penny and a farthing coins of the time. The bike was made entirely of metal instead of wood and the tyres were rubber. The high centre of gravity often caused the rider to topple forward whenever it hit any small obstacle. 

    Then came the Rover safety bicycle which was developed during the 1880s in response to the need for a 'safer' bicycle than the large wheeled Penny Farthing bicycle in common use at the time. Cycle makers experimented with a number of designs but the Rover, created by J. K Starley, and manufactured by Starley & Sutton Co of Coventry which became the most successful and most copied. 
   Which makes a nice piece of 'Prisoner' fun trivia!

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