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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thought For The Day

      Number 6 seeing a poster in the window of the General Store is struck by an idea. He enters the said General Store and takes a copy of The Tally Ho from the newspaper rack on the wall. He sees the records, he asks to hear L' arlesienne, of which there are six copies, and he takes them all, but listens to only three {probably because he didn't think them not to be a very good recording} and for a few seconds only. You see he was timing them, and then he wrote something down on a piece of paper. And then there was The Tally Ho, Number 6 circled the word security, what's more he drew a question mark over it! Number 6 was jamming! Then Number 6 leaves the General Store, and from nearby watches the shopkeeper also leave the General Store with the six records and The tally Ho tucked under his arm, to make his way across the square, across the street, and up the steps to the Green Dome. So how did Number 6 know that the Shopkeeper-Number 112 was a Guardian? Perhaps Number 6 found this out earlier. He might have seen the Shopkeeper as a weaselly sneak, and because of that he took the chance. If the Shopkeeper hadn't reported Number 6, and gone running to Number 2 the way he did, Number 6 would have lost nothing, and no doubt would have tried something else.

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