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Friday 16 May 2014

60 Second Interview With No.51-The Watchmaker

Ting-a-ling sounded the shop bell.
    No.13: “You're something of an activist, or should that be anarchist, aren't you Number Fifty-one?”
    No51: “I am a simple watchmaker. Has your watched stopped?”
    “No, its running fine.”
    No.51: “An Omega.”
    No.13b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    No.51 “Your watch, it is an Omega. Perhaps it needs cleaning?”
    “My watch is fine, and beside the point.”
    No.51: “Not to a watchmaker it isn't.”
    “So what were you trying to achieve by an act of murder. Our readers will be keen to learn why.”
    No.51: “It was to have been an assassination. I was trying to wake people up, to shake them out of  their lethargy. To make them angry enough to fight. Because I have met no one here who has committed a crime.
    “You can call it what you like. But you were being hoodwinked!”
    No.51: “Young man, had it ever occurred to you that I allowed myself to be  hoodwinked. How else could I have achieved my aims?”
    “But you didn't, did you?”
    No.51: “My daughter refused to understand that what I was doing was for a principle, and the manner of my protest would have been one they could not ignore. If she had not interfered and not gone running to that Number Six.”
    “But you weren't thinking of the effect your actions would have had on her and the rest of the citizens of the community.”
    No.51: “Young man, if there is nothing wrong with your watch I have other work to do.”
   “I told you my watch is running fine.”
   No.51: Then when it isn't you may come back. But for now I must get on with my work. Must get on with my work!”
    Ting-a-ling the shop bell sounded on the way out!

Reporter No113
Photograph by No.113b

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