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Thursday 22 May 2014

Given A Second Chance!

   As No.6 once said "There are no second chances,” to which No.24-Alison replied "There are for some, the lucky ones." No.2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ gained a second chance, because the failure of plot behind this episode could not be laid at the feet of No.2, as he did say that they were taking the wrong approach. So he was given a second chance in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ although he was none to happy at having been brought back to The Village.
     No.2 of ‘A B and C’ was given a second chance, but then perhaps the failure of A B & C was not all his alone. Strange how we do not see the good doctor-No.14 again, perhaps she paid the penalty for not making No.2 aware that the patient had opened his eyes and had seen No.14, and was projected onto the wall screen! She also seemed a little smug that Number 6 had won, perhaps this was enough to seal her own fate! But this second chance for No.2 in ‘The General,’ had nothing to do with No.6, but was concerned only with the experiment of "Seedlearn," and that of the General. He only became embroiled with No.6, because No.6 poked his nose into business which did not concern him after having listened to the Professor’s message about both the General and Speedlearn on the tape recorder. But this No.2’s downfall was purely at his own fault, he may have told No.6 not to underestimate him. But he made the mistake of underestimating No.6!
   There was another No.2 brought back to The Village, although this one’s failure to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation was all his own doing, but I suppose by that time anything was worth a try. But why No.2 should think No.6 would open up to children is beyond me. This No.2 returned to The Village as the Judge in Fall Out, overseeing the question of revolt, and the final manipulation of No.6. But who in the end could not have foreseen what a calamity it was to have faced No.6 with himself for what would seem to be a second time! Perhaps neither of the three two’s had felt all that lucky for having had a second chance!

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