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Thursday 15 May 2014

The Village

    The Village as well as being a hub for the gathering of information, is also an installation for the indoctrination and subjective thinking of the individual. Individuality is frowned upon. The Establishment is to protect society, and individual freedom is no longer permitted. People are no longer allowed to think for themselves, if they still can, in this suppressive and totalitarian society. Humans have been dehumanised, brainwashed. The almost holiday atmosphere of The Village is a mere façade. People exist in The Village well enough, just as long as they have given the required information, or having had that information extracted from their heads. While others, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of The Village while they may.
   The Prisoner-No.6 is an individual, but he’ll be alright, no extreme measures are to be used. He’s not to be broken, well they don’t want a man of fragments. They want him with a whole heart, body and soul, seeing as he has a future with them you see. That makes me wonder, why they took a number of chances with No.6, in having placed the Prisoner-No.6 in situations which could have gone so badly wrong, well things did go badly wrong, chiefly for No.2! At one point No.2 is proud of The Village, explaining that it’s a blueprint for the future, the whole Earth as The Village, which is No.2’s dream. And yet No.2 came to see The Village for what it is, or rather No.1 for whatever, whoever it is. And so will be hypnotised by No.1 no more. If he’s going to die, then he’ll die with is own mind, and that is the spirit of the individual. To have free thoughts and not to be robotised!

Be seeing you

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