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Sunday 25 May 2014

The Ultimate Test!

    For those of you who read yesterdays Prismatic Reflection - Fall Out, it might have been strange that I did not include the flashback to 'Once Upon A Time' at the beginning. Well I found that a difficult thing to do when the previous episode had been 'The Girl Who Was Death.'
   It is accepted that the ultimate test is what took place, and which No.6 survived takes place in 'Once Upon A Time' because that is as it stands in 'the Prisoner' series. But 'Once Upon A Time' originally was to have taken place long before the advent of 'Fall Out.' So seeing as I was following the film library order of 'the Prisoner' as laid down by Tony Sloman, I saw no reason why 'The Girl Who Was Death' could not precede 'Fall Out,' and thereby No.6 has still survived the ultimate and final test, which made him the greatest! Besides when No.2 makes the comment that the Prisoner wouldn't drop his guard with his own grandmother, and No.10 tells him that it was worth a try, No.2 does sound resigned in some way. As though trying to get No.6 to open up to children to gain the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation. It also makes sense that there is already a No.2 in The Village in order to hold court over three instances of revolt, that of No.48, the "late" No.2, and of course the former No.6, instead of having another No.2 brought in specially. And there we come to another problem I had, the "late" No.2, he still had to be in my written description of 'Fall Out.' How he came to be there when 'Once Upon A Time' actually took place several months before 'Fall Out I chose to ignore, as there was no way to omit the "late" No.2 as I had with the reprisal of 'Once Upon A Time' at the outset of 'Fall Out.' Nor did I choose to account for the comatose No.2 who had remained with that sealed cage for a number of months, whose body was finally removed from the cage, and brought out of his coma.
   I suppose it's possible for any of the previous sixteen episodes to precede 'Fall out, 'Arrival' being the exception, because no matter what the episode No.6 would still have survived the ultimate test no matter what that test might be, because the ultimate test is the last test, but not quite the last throw of the dice on the part of No.2, the last throw of the dice was 'Fall Out!'

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