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Friday 30 May 2014

It’s Prisoneresque!

   If there's one place I can draw a parallel to with The Village in the 2009 series of THEPRIS6NER, it would be "Meadowlands" of the 2007 television series ‘Cape Wrath.’ Like The Village, Meadowlands is situated in the middle of nowhere, with nothing in all directions but desert and mountains for mile upon mile.
    ‘Meadowlands’ enjoys a rather less subtle "Prisoneresque" influence, in the fact that instead of the village, there is Meadowlands, where the Brogan family are taken blindfold under the "Witness protection Program." Meadowlands, a curious community where everyone has a secret. People having been given new names, fresh identities, but still remain the people they were. Because you can change your names, change your identity, but you still carry who you are inside your head!
Meadowlands is a cross between "the prisoner" and "Twin peaks." Meadowlands looks a typical New England town, but there is no leaving, no way out, you are there for life! Once Mrs. Brogan and her daughter decided to go shopping in the next town. I watched and wondered just what was going to stop Mrs. Brogan and her daughter from leaving Meadowlands? The white membranic Village Guardian Rover was obviously out of the question. Then something else from "the Prisoner popped into my mind, the words of the Supervisor "Attention post 14, attention post14. Now approaching Outer Zone in out vehicle. Number 6, I repeat Number 6." And that is just what happened to Mrs Brogan and her daughter, well of a kind. At a petrol station, as Mrs. Brogan was paying for her petrol, a young girl approached her daughter pretending to be a friend of hers. She upset Mrs. Brogan's daughter so much, that Mrs. Brogan turned the car around and drove her home! Later I observed the very same young girl leaving what I think as being the Supervisors office in an administration building of the Motel. A female Supervisor with a large wall screen in her office, as the Supervisor and wall screen in the control room of The Village in "the Prisoner!" There was also what I can only described as an in-joke during the "midnight football match" of the first episode, when Mr. Brogan was given the yellow tabbard of No.6!
Just as the citizens of the village have been abducted to The Village for the information inside their heads, being of value to one side or the other. Those taken to Meadowlands having been taken there for their own protection, don't know where they are, just as those citizens in the village don't know where they are, and there is no escape for any of them. And each have secrets of their own. Secrets that they would prefer no one else to know.

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