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Saturday 31 May 2014

Thought For The Day

    In a way ‘Checkmate is very much like ’The Chimes of Big Ben,’ in that No.2 is quite happy to allow what is taking place, No.6 getting friendly with the Rook. The fact that No.6 stole a taxi, and that N.8 did likewise, and when reported No.2 was concerned that the doctors latest gadget should get a proper test. Thereby No.6 was allowed to get away with almost anything but to escape The Village.
   Perhaps No.2 had an inkling as to what was taking place in ‘Checkmate,’ as he seemed very calm and unperturbed when No.6 and his confederates came calling that evening, confident even. Perhaps because he knew that he had the M.S Polotska in his back pocket!
    I have wondered why that the theft of the surveillance camera from it’s plinth, the telephone from the kiosk, along with the screwdriver and electrical equipment were not reported and acted upon. But perhaps they were, and once again because No.2 wanted the reaction transmitter hidden in No.8’s locket to have a proper test so no action against No.6 and the Rook was taken. Well it wasn't anyway!

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