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Thursday 29 May 2014

Village Life!

    1st guard “Okay. Now we’ve caught him, what are we suppose to do with him?”
    2nd guard “Why don’t you shoot him?”
    3rd guard “What, you mean put him up against a wall and shoot him?”
    1st guard “Oh I don’t think we need go that far.”
   Voice from the back “What you mean, shoot him where he sits?”
    3rd guard “That doesn’t seem very sporting to me. It was better when he was a moving target!”
    2nd guard “What about a blindfold?”
    Voice from the back “Whoever heard of a firing squad wearing blindfolds?”
    2nd guard “It would give him a sporting chance!”
    4th guard “We should make the Prisoner wear the blindfold!”
    1st guard” Oh, we couldn’t shoot him, he’s far too valuable.”
    Voice from the back “Well shoot Number forty-eight then.”
    3rd guard “He’s right. I mean, what have we got to lose?”
    1st guard “Any last requests Number forty-eight?”
    No.48 “Yeah Dad. Hey Patrick, get me out of this!”


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