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Saturday 24 May 2014

Prismatic Reflection

    The Prisoner having survived the ultimate test, is asked by the Supervisor-Number 26 what he desires. The Prisoner replies “Number One!”
   The Supervisor tells the Prisoner that he’ll take him. Number 2’s butler is also in attendance.
    Somewhere along the tunnels beneath The Village, the Prisoner is taken to a cloak room containing two racks of swinging coat hangers, a wicker basket, and the figure of a man stands at the back of the room. The Prisoner enters the locker room along with the Supervisor. The figure is an effigy of the Prisoner, and dressed in the Prisoner’s own suit of clothes.
    “We thought you would feel happier as yourself” says the Supervisor.
    The Prisoner steps forward and looks to put a hand to the effigies throat, as though he would strangle the very life out of it. But instead the Prisoner’s hand moves down and unbuttons the polo neck shirt, and dons his suit of clothes with charcoal grey suit and black elastic sided boots. The Beatles song “All you need is love” is playing from a number of juke box in alcoves lining a long passageway cut into the rock. At the end of the passage is an old wooden door. The butler steps forward with a large key, and unlocks the door which opens with an electronic hum. The Prisoner, Supervisor, and butler pass through the open doorway into a large cavern. The door closes automatically. On the other side is a neon sign which reads ‘WELL COME.’
   The cavern is immense, huge stalactites hang down from the ceiling, yet there are no stalagmites! But what there is, are a number of electrical switch gear cabinets, computer banks, a large wall screen, control panels. Armed security guards are everywhere, wearing blue/grey overalls, white helmets, gloves and sunglasses. A medical team busy themselves with an operating table and theatre equipment, as though preparing for a forthcoming operation. Over there the sea-saw device as from the Control Room, but instead of monitors at either end, two men now sat manning two heavy machine guns. And there is the Assembly, made up of delegates wearing white robes with cowls, and a black and white mask. These then symbolise those faceless man who are supposed to govern us so wisely! Each delegate is a representative of each aspect of society from welfare to entertainment. From transportation to administration. Defectors, reactionists, security. Recreation, accommodation. Therapy, committee, education to name but a few. In another part of the cavern a throne is set upon a blue carpeted dais. Next to which, releasing a cloud of vapour from time to time, the silver tube of the red one rocket!
    Walking passed the Prisoner, the Supervisor takes his robe and mask offered to him by a fellow delegate, and puts them on, as the Prisoner stands before the Judge who is resplendent in wig and scarlet robes, standing up high upon his rostrum.
    “This session is called in a matter of democratic crisis, and we are gathered here to resolve the question of revolt” the Judge announces “we desire that these proceedings be conducted in a civilised manner, but remind ourselves that humanity is not humanised without force, and that errant children must be sometimes brought to book with a smack on their backsides! We draw your attention to the regrettable bullet. The community is at stake, and we have the means to protect it. This assembly is now in security.”
   During the Judges speech there comes applause from the Assembly of delegates. And Number 6 is presented to both Judge and Assembly. Yet it is clearly understood that Number 6 has survived the ultimate test, therefore he must no longer be referred to as Number 6, or indeed as a number of any kind. He has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual, and so the assembly rises to him applaud the man standing before them.
   The Supervisor takes his place on the benches of the assembly in the position of identification.
   The President than craves the former Number 6’s indulgence for a short while, as the transfer of ultimate power does take some tedious ceremony. So it is suggested that the former Number 6 sit in the chair of honour, and the butler takes his position, standing by his new master on the dais. The Judge continues and promises to be brief.
   Through a section of the cavern ceiling the steel cage of ‘Once Upon A Time’ is lowered. The steel shutter of the cage slides away, the unconscious, comatose body of a former Number 2 is still lying on the floor of the cage.
   There comes a loud piecing sound, which appears to be emanating from the red 1 rocket. The Judge gives orders for the body of Number 2 to be resuscitated. On the wall screen the last few moments of this Number 2’s life is replayed, backwards! This then, according to the Judge is a revolution! The butler who is still in possession of the key to the cage calmly walks over and unlocks the door and slides it back allowing access for the doctors to remove the body on a stretcher, which is then placed on a trolley and wheeled over to the medic section, where a medical team get to work on the body of Number 2. More than that, they cut and re-colour his hair, and shave his beard off!
   “Revolt can take many forms” begins the Judge “and here we have three specific instances. Number Forty-eight.”
    On the far side of the cavern a piston like rod to which a young man in top hat and military tunic is secured by a metal belt, rises out of a circular pit.
    “Thanks for the trip dad!”
    “Be grateful for the opportunity of pleading your case before the Assembly” cautions the Judge.
    “Oh baby what a crazy scene” laughs 48, then goes into the song ‘Dem Bones “The collar bones connected to the neck bone, the neck bones connected to the head bone now hear the word of the Lord.”
   “Number Forty-eight!“ shouts the Judge and bangs his gavel!
 The delegates of the Assembly shake their heads in disgust at hearing the song, the words, or both, and rise to their feet waving their hands in utter confusion.
    “Dem bones gonna walk around, dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around now hear the word of the Lord” sings Number 48.
    During this pandemonium there suddenly comes a high pitched electronic noise and a green light emanating from an electronic eye in the hull of the red 1 rocket. The Judge stares into the green light of the eye and then orders Number 48 to be released. Two security guards walk over and release 48, still singing the song, from his place of security, who then slowly climbs out of the pit and over the edge almost cat like.
    “Youth, with its enthusiasm which rebels against any accepted norm because it must, and we sympathise. It may wear flowers in its hair, bells on its toes, but when the common good is threatened, when the function of society is endangered, such revolts must cease. They are unproductive and must be abolished” states the Judge.
    Number 48 takes several faltering steps forward. He passes the former Number 6 sat in the chair, whilst ringing his bell, and the medical team working on Number 2.
    “Number Forty-eight!”
    “Mmmmmmm hear the word of the Lord” sings the young man, and suddenly he’s dashing and leaping about the cavern creating havoc as he goes “hip bone, is connected to the back bone and the back bone is connected to the neck bone and the neck bone connected to the head bone, now hear the word of the Lord.”
    “Get him, get him!” the Judge orders. But 48 eludes the security guards as he climbs over rocks, then jumps down creating mayhem, dodging the guards as he goes. The medics leaping out of the way as 48 jumps on a trolley and rolling across the floor scatters the guards this way and that. The delegates of the Assembly are in utter confusion by this demonstration, as 48 jumps off the trolley evading more security guards, and leaping onto the gantry grabs a microphone, the song he sings booming out loud and clear for all to hear, echoing around the cavern. Then 48 leaps across the benches of the Assembly before falling to the floor, to be finally surrounded by armed security guards.
    “Young man” says the man from the chair of honour.
    “Give it to me again” says 48.
    “Don’t knock yourself out.”
    “Give me the rest” says 48 sitting on the floor.
    The Judge thanks the former Number 6’s kindly intervention, but he fears that such familiarity is not in keeping with procedure. Suddenly a siren sounds and the Judge turns to look at the green light emanating from the stainless steel eye in the side of the red 1 rocket.
    “Yes of course, naturally it would expedite matters” confirms the Judge speaking into the pulsating light. {Perhaps it is a form of telepathy as no other voice is heard.}
    “Very well, to your places” the Judge orders.
    The security guards withdraw and return to their positions as Number 48 stands stock still before the Judge on his rostrum. It would appear that temporarily they may use the new form of address in order to bring these proceedings to an early and satisfactory conclusion. All in favour?
    As one, the delegates applaud, and the motion is carried.
    “We’re obliged to you sir.”
    “Don’t mention it dad.”
    “Young man” says the Judge addressing Number 48.
    “You got the message?” asks 48
    “I just got it!” says the Judge with a look of annoyance.
    “What gives?”
    “You’ve never been with it. I mean with us.”
    “I’m gone, gone away.”
    “But you were here, then you went and gone!”
    “Got the word?”
    “Oh yes.”
    “The bright light dad, got the sign?”
    “The light.”
    “The message.”
    “Then you went and gone.”
    “Give it to me baby.”
    “That’s it.”
    “Give me the rest.”
    “Give, all you want give that’s it.”
    “That‘s it.”
    “And take.”
    “That’s it.”
    “Takes all you want.”
    “That’s it.”
    “Take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take” shouts Number 48, and both the Judge and all the delegates of the Assembly all join in with the chant, as they bang their gloved fists on the benches.
    48 has created an uproar, and happy with his work, slowly sinks to the floor crossing his legs. The Judge continues the chant “Take, take, take, take.”
    The former Number 6 sits quietly in the chair of honour unmoved by the whole proceedings.
   The Judge bangs his gavel bringing the cavern to order.
   Number 48 still sat on the floor rings the bell on a chain, which he wears around his neck with enthusiasm and glee.
    “Now you’re high” says the Judge.
    But 48 says he’s low. The Judge wants 48 to give it to him! 48 tells the Judge that he’s his baby dad, that daddy owes his baby something. The Judge wants 48 to confess, 48 tells the Judge that the bones is yours dad, which leads Number 48 back to singing “Dem bones” again, his voice one again booming out around the cavern. Within seconds the Judge, delegates, security guards, medics, alike all pick up on the song and are singing along. All swaying to the music and clapping their hands as Number 48, the instigator of this recent mayhem, turns to look at the two silent, and unmoved men upon the dais.
   Dancing to his feet 48 snaps his fingers joining in with the music, as security guards clap their gloved hands together in time with the song. 48 grins and drops to the floor again, crossing his legs, satisfied of the Assembly for making a mockery of itself.
    “Hip hip hooray!” the Judge and delegates shout in unison, as the cavern falls into silence, and order is once more restored, and 48 is charged as being guilty!
   A delegate rises to his feet to read the charge, as 48 rings his bell in defiance.
   “The Prisoner has been charged with the most serious breach of social etiquette. Total defiance of the elementary laws which sustain out community, questioning the decisions of those we voted to govern us. Unearthly aspects of speech and dress not in accordance with general practice. And the refusal to observe, wear, or respond to his number!”
    Sir may not approve of the proceedings, but he does note them, and has no comment to make at this stage. As for the accused, he will be held in a place of security until the former Number 6’s inauguration, and is removed by two security guards. And as he goes singing “Dem Bones.”
   It is a regrettable demonstration, but don’t mention it, because I think you will find our next revolutionary a different kettle of fish altogether. As upon the wall screen is a former Number 2 sporting a goatee beard, laughing his head off, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha as the Judge laughs along with the figure on the screen.
    “Next!” says the Judge suddenly banging his gavel to bring himself to some semblance of order.
    The former Number 2 has undergone resuscitation by the medical team, as well as that, his hair has been cropped and re-coloured, and his goatee beard shaved off leaving him with a moustache. So much so that he feels a new man now! On the wall screen this man in his former state sits in the comfort of the spherical chair laughing.  It is an infectious laugh, infecting everyone in the cavern as they all laugh raucously along with the man on the wall screen.
   This former Number 2 takes a few tentative steps feeling his face and head. He sees his old adversary, asking him how he’s been keeping, as he shakes the former Number 6’s hand. And the butler, his little friend, ever faithful. He urges the butler to go with him gesturing with his hand, and then looking back to see the butler unmoved.
    “New allegiances, such is the price of fame and failure, dear me how sad!”
    The former No.2 stretching his arms out wide “My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, a most extraordinary thing happened to me on my way here” and then he breaks into laughter, as indeed does every delegate of the Assembly. The former Number 2 then steps up onto the Judges rostrum, raises a hand and by doing so brings the delegates to order. It has been the former Number 2’s lot to wield a not inconsiderable power. Nay he has had the ear of Statesmen, Kings, and Princes of many lands. Governments have been swayed, policies defined and revolutions nipped in the bud at a word from him in the right place, and at a propitious time. Not surprising therefore, that the community of the Village should find a use for him. Not altogether by accident therefore that he should be abducted and wake up in the Village amongst them. What is so deplorable, is that he resisted for so short a time. A fine tribute to their methods, which brought about a round of applause from the delegates. The former Number 2 raises a hand bringing the delegates to silence, as he wishes to thank them for a recognition of his talents, which placed him in a position of power, second to only 1.
   Descending the steps of the rostrum the former Number 2 continues his address from the floor, that this authority gave him the right to make decisions. My last decision concerned the former Number 6, which could only be resolved in the death of either one of us. He emerged victorious, I apparently……. And on the screen the scene of the former Number 2, or was it Six’s final moments of life “Die six, die.”…….Died! How was it done, was it the drink? They couldn’t even let him rest in peace! How was it done? {And how long ago, one might ask}
    “There has to be some security secrets that are kept, even from a….a late Number Two” the Judge tells him.
    “Did you ever meet him?” asks the former Number 6 from his chair.
    “What’s that?” asks the former Number 2 in return.
    “Did you ever meet Number One?”
    “Face to face?”
    “Meet him ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”
    The stainless steel eye emits a green light straight into the face of the former Number 2, who asks if he should give him a stare, Number 1 that is. The Judge tells him that he transgresses.
    “I shall give him a stare!” announces the former Number 2.
    The steel eye closes its eyelids. Defiantly the former Number 2 tells Number 1 to look him in the eye, whoever you are, whatever you are.
    “You’ll die” the Judge tells him.
    “Then I’ll die with my own mind” he announces tearing off the numbered badge from the lapel of his blazer “you’ll hypnotise me no longer!“ Then lunging forward he spits in the steel eye and raises his arms in victory.
   This brings about a sudden issue of vapour, together with a strange noise. One can imagine Number 1 inside the rocket having a tantrum at the former Number 2’s behaviour.
   Number 2, like Number 48 is put in a place of security until the former Number 6’s inauguration, and is secured to a steel piston by a metal belt, then descends into a vapour filled pit…………”Be seeing you.”
    “We have just witnessed two forms of revolt” begins the Judge “the first uncoordinated youth, rebelling against nothing it can define. The second, an established, successful, secure member of the establishment, turning on, and biting the hand that feeds him. Well these attitudes are dangerous. They contribute nothing to our culture and are to be stamped out.”
    The delegates applaud the Judges speech, but stop abruptly when a green light emanates from the steel eye of the red 1 rocket. Upon the wall screen film is shown two men stepping forward to remove the “For Sale” sign from the railings of No.1 Buckingham Place. In the background a man in brown overalls is busy cleaning the windows of the said house. Then a car appears. It is the Prisoner’s Lotus Seven KAR 120C, which is driven up to, and parked outside the house. The driver then climbs out of the car and gives the bonnet a final polish.
    “At the other end of the scale” begins the Judge again “we are honoured to have with us, a revolutionary of a different calibre. He has revolted, resisted, fought, held fast, maintained, destroyed resistance, overcome coercion. The right to be person, someone, or individual. We applaud his private war, and concede that despite materialistic efforts he has survived intact and secure. A man magnificently equipped to lead us, that is…..lead us…or go. In this concern we have a prize.
    A white robed delegate pushes a trolley with an ornate box upon it towards the dais.
   “You will see that your house is being made ready. Above and beyond this we have the means for you to desert us and go anywhere.”
    The delegate opens the ornate box and produces a series of items, holding each item up one at a time in his gloved hand.
    “Key to your house. Travellers cheques a million. Passport valid for anywhere, and err petty cash. You are free to go” the Judge announces.
    “Free to go!” says the former Number 6.
    “You have been such an example to us.”
    “You have convinced us of our mistakes” the Judge tells him.
    “You’re pure, you know the way, lead us.”
    “Your revolt is good and honest, you are the only individual, we need you.”
    “I see.”
    “You do, you see all.”
    “I’m an individual?”
    “You are on your own.”
    “I fail to see.”
    “All about you is yours. We concede, we offer, we plead for you to lead us.”
    “Or go” adds the former Number 6.
    “Go if you wish” the Judge tells him.
    “Err I don’t know.”
    “Take the stand, address us” the Judge urges him.
    “Should I?”
    “You must, you are the greatest. Make a statement which could only be yours, but for us. Remember us, don’t forget us, keep us in mind. We are yours.”
   The former Number 6 takes a moment or two to consider. He then rises out of the chair of honour and steps down from the dais. He collects the key to his house, his passport, wallet of travellers cheques, and leather drawstring purse of petty cash, to the applause of the delegates whom he acknowledges. Then he crosses the cavern floor to the rostrum from where he addresses the delegates of the assembly, who are still applauding enthusiastically.
    The former Number 6 begins his address “I………”
    “I I I” chant the delegates in unison.
    The delegates are brought to order by a bang of the gavel, as he looks over his shoulder at the silent delegates with a sharp intake of air through his nose.
    “I feel…….” but again his words are interrupted and drowned out.
    “I I I I I I”
    Again the former Number 6 brings the delegates instantly to order with a bang of the gavel, and so he tries again “I feel that despite the devolution of the pound nevertheless…….!”
    “I I I I I I” chant the delegates.
    Again the Former Number 6 bangs his gavel bringing the delegates to order, yet a few moments pass by and he says nothing. He waits, bides his time, before commencing his address once more.
    “I feel a sad case, imprison people’s minds………..”
    “I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I” chant the delegates in unison once more. They have no intention whatsoever in hearing whatever it is the Prisoner has to say, or indeed allowing whatever it is the Prisoner says for himself to be heard by anyone. {One can actually lip read the Prisoner’s final three words “I’m pissed off!”}
    Eventually the Judge raises a hand and the delegates fall silent with a hip hip hooray!
    “Sir, on behalf of us all we thank you. And now I take it that you are prepared to meet Number One” says the Judge “follow me if you would be so kind……sir.”
   A fanfare sounds out as the former Number 6 steps down from the rostrum and follows the Judge across the cavern floor to an open pit from which clouds of white vapour are issuing. The Judge bows and withdraws, as the former Number 6 steps over the lip of the pit and onto a round platform which takes him down into the vapour. At the bottom of the shaft there stands two armed security guards at the head of a long corridor. He walks forward along the corridor, at the far end of which there is a single steel door which opens automatically. He steps through the door to find Number 48 and the former Number 2 in two clear Perspex tubes marked Orbit 48 and Orbit 2.There is a third tube yet unmarked, and vacant. A door in the tube opens at the touch of a gloved finger by a white robed figure. 48 stands in his orbit tube singing “Dem bones,” while the former Number 2 stands laughing to himself.
    A klaxon sounds out, then the butler comes walking along the corridor and standing at the base of a spiral staircase he bows and bids his master to climb the staircase with a show of his gloved hand.
    The former Number 6 ascends the spiral staircase, at the top is a glass door, which at the touch of a button slides open and he slowly enters the upper chamber, the Control Room of the rocket. There is a glass topped table upon which are a variety of different sized world globes, and a number of control panels all around with flashing lights, and a monitor set into one panel, along with a red warning light and sign.
   “When red warning light is flashing
       it is strictly forbidden
To enter the upper chamber.”
    A white robed figure sits on a seat, his cowled head bowed. Upon a small monitor a few past events of the former Number 6’s life in The Village are being screened. “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed, or numbered. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped……………” Held in the white gloved of the robed figure is a crystal ball which the figure holds out to the former Number 6. He takes the crystal ball in his own hands and sees his future………….as a Prisoner in The Village! It is a future he rejects by letting the crystal ball slip from his hands to shatter into a thousand splinters of crystal on the floor. The white robed figure stands up, his face covered by a black and white mask, then stretches out his arms. Upon his robe in an oval is the black numeral 1. The former Number 6 strips away the mask to reveal an ape mask, and laughter fills the control room. He then strips away the ape mask and the former Number 6 looks at his own face staring back at him! Number 1 is laughing maniacally, and instantly begins to dash around the control room, desperate for his doppelganger not to lay hands upon him as the former Number 6 gives chase. Number 1 than climbs a ladder up into the nose cone of the rocket, his doppelganger gives chase. Reaching the top of the ladder Number 1 leers down at him, laughing maniacally, then the hatch is closed and the former Number 6 seals it, and with it Number 1’s fate.
    Meanwhile, the Judge paces the floor back and forth, as do a number of delegates. The Judge then notices the electronic eye in the hull of the rocket snap shut, as inside the rocket the former Number 6 sees the Judge on the small monitor. Grabbing a nearby fire extinguisher from a wall fitting, he leaves the Control Room and quietly descends the spiral staircase, the butler is standing at the bottom. Suddenly the former Number 6 leaps down from the staircase and discharges the fire extinguisher at the robed figures in the lower level working at control panels. Clouds of co2 vapour from the fire extinguisher fill the chamber, before the former Number 6 passes the extinguisher to the butler, as he lays into the robed figures with his fists, laying them out cold. This to the raucous laughter of the former Number 2 still secure in his orbit tube.
   A few minutes later the steel door opens and three robed figures stand stock still. The security guards sense something is wrong, and taking their machine guns, approach the three figures. These are blasted by co2 vapour from the butler’s fire extinguisher, the guards are laid out cold by his three confederates.
    Stripping off his robe, the former Number 6 then sprints up the spiral staircase back into the Control Room. At a control panel he switches on the small monitor to see the Judge and delegates of the assembly pacing the floor. Then he depresses a red button on the control panel marked ‘fuel injection,’ and rotates a switch marked ‘hold’.’ White vapour is released outside the rocket, where the Judge stands staring directly into the electronic stainless steel eye.
     “Contact, contact, confirm contact” shouts the Judge “contact priority” booms out the Judge’s voice “confirm contact.”
    A klaxon alarm sounds.
   In the rocket’s Control Room the former Number 6 sees the rocket’s countdown switch together with a level control which he sets to ‘low level.‘ Outside in the cavern the Judge is still trying to establish emergency contact and orders all personnel to take cover.
   The three robed figures rise up and step out of the pits, each armed with a Thompson machine gun. Tearing off their masks they, Number 48, the former Number 6, and Number 2 take cover and turn their weapons on the armed security guards all to the music of the Beatles song ‘All you need is love.’ The armed security guards are cut down indiscriminately.
   The Judge, delegates of the assembly, frogmen are all forced to flee the carnage through the open WELL COME door and along the passageway.
   Above ground in The Village, sirens blare out as the Judge’s voice orders the evacuation, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate! {I wonder where everyone was being evacuated to?} At hearing this, citizens run in all directions through the streets and away along the beach. Helicopters take off from all four corners of The Village, and two security guards drive through The Village in a Mini-Moke, it’s siren warning people to get out of the way.
   Back in the cavern the violent revolution is won, all the armed security guards lie dead, scattered about on the floor. Two bodies lie slumped over two heavy machine guns on either end of the metal sea-saw. The three confederates leap aboard the cage, which is actually situated on the trailer of a Scammel Highwayman transporter. The butler having walked around the back of the vehicle has climbed into the cab and drives the lorry away down a long tunnel. The rocket’s countdown has progressed with two minutes to zero. The Scammel lorry reaches the end of the tunnel which has a pair of wrought iron gates across the entrance. The butler puts his foot down, the lorry crashes through the pair of gates as the red 1 rocket blasts off out of it’s underground silo, {So No.6 and No.1 manage to escape at the exact same moment!}.
    Inside the cavern there is intense heat from the flames issuing from the rocket’s exhausts, and behind the Green Dome the rocket can bee seen rising up into the sky. The white mass of the Village Guardian is released from its containment area somewhere at the bottom of the sea. Although another segment of the Guardian appears to have suffered a death back in the cavern, caused by the searing heat of the flames of the red 1 rocket. A helicopter takes off, circles The Village once before flying off over the hills leaving the deserted Village behind.
    Now on the open road, the A20 from Dover to London, the trio in the cage throw out the robes and masks onto the highway, then have tea, while dancing to “Dem Bones,” much to the astonishment of a passing motorist. Further along the A20 the lorry pulls into a lay-by and the former Number 48 jumps out of the cage, and stands waving goodbye to his departing confederates who continue the journey to London. He then tries to thumb a lift along the duel carriageway.
    The Scammel Highwayman Transporter drives through the streets of London, around Trafalgar Square, to arrive on the Thames embankment, where the lorry is eventually flagged down by a Police motorcycle patrolman {I shouldn‘t wonder that the policeman saw that the lorry has no license plates, I’m astonished that vehicle actually made it all the way back to England, judging the distance it must have travelled!}. The butler alights the vehicle with his two companions. The former Number 2 walks off along the embankment, where another seat of power can be seen in the distance, the Houses of Parliament. The Policeman tries to question the former Number 6, but he simply walks away with the butler following.
     The ex-Number 2 approaches the Houses of Parliament, looking up at St. Stephen’s tower as he goes, finally to enter the building by the Peers entrance. The former Number 6 stands watching his confederate go from Parliament Square, and gives him a cheery wave. A police constable walks passed the butler and looks down at him, before approaching the former Number 6. He questions the man, who appears to be giving the kind of explanation as to what has been taking place prior to his arrival back in London. Then he points over the road to the Houses of Parliament, as though to say go in there, there’s a man in the Houses of Parliament who can explain all about it.
   The former Number 6 then leaves the Policeman, and clutching the butler’s hand they run together for a bus on Westminster Bridge. While back on the A20 the youth {formerly Number 48} is still trying to thumb a lift, on either carriage way. It seems that it doesn’t matter in which direction the youth is bound.  Eventually the former Number 6 and the butler arrive home to No.1 Buckingham Place. The former Number 6 approaches his Lotus Seven parked outside, as just at that moment a hearse drives slowly passed. {Probably looking for another victim!} He climbs into the car behind the wheel, starts the engine and drives off, leaving the butler standing on the doorstep. Suddenly the front door of the house opens automatically, and with a very familiar hum, as though it were back in The Village. The butler enters the house, and the door closes automatically behind him.
   The Lotus Seven drives over Westminster Bridge, turning left passed the Houses of Parliament. The Ex-Number 2, now dressed in black bowler hat and business suit, carrying a furled umbrella and briefcase is just walking passed the statue of Richard the First. Walking on he enters the Houses of Parliament through the Peers entrance, greeting a Police constable as he passes.
   Storm clouds gather over a long deserted highway/runway, and a clash of thunder is heard, as a yellow nosed Lotus Seven hurtles towards us out of the distance. The driver’s face set in a grimace look of determination, as the Prisoner comes full circle!

Be seeing you

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