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Friday 23 May 2014

Point Of Failure!

   It was at this moment that No.2's failure was realised, though he did not realise it at the time. For had No.2 been paying far greater attention as to what was happening at that moment, things might have turned out differently. At the end of the experiment the doctor -No.14 seemed almost pleased that No.6 had succeeded. Is that why she didn't inform No.2 of what had just happened, perhaps to give No.6 a fighting chance. That the good doctor had her own axe to grind with No.2 for forcing her into an early experiment which neither she nor or her drug were ready for? The fact that No.6 had opened his eyes and observed the doctor, her likeness displayed on the wall screen for all to see - all save No.2, who had his head buried in 'A's” file at the time.

Be seeing you, well if I keep my eyes open and on the alert I will!

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