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Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Storm!

    The Prisoner begins with gathering storm clouds, an empty long stretch of road, or perhaps that should be an old abandoned runway, of a long deserted World War II airfield? There’s a clash of thunder, and out from the distance a speeding car, the divers face set in a grimace against the wind! This man, where is he going, but perhaps more importantly, where has he been? Because he is yet to arrive in London, for that is his ultimate destination.
    It is a whirlwind that storms into an office, reeking terrible havoc before storming out again. And yet there are storm chasers, two original men in black, shadowing a tornado as it tears through the streets of London. A house, a room of calm, the eye of the storm, and for a few short lived moments there is a calm just before the storm blows itself out, and the men in black begin to clear up the mess.
    The storm moves on, and yet it awakens in the very same place……but it is different somehow, outside it’s not the same. A door is flung open, and once again a storm is released upon the face of the Earth to reek havoc. Where, where is this place? The Village!
    A whirlwind sweeps through the café patio asking questions, and leaving bewilderment in it’s wake. It traverses The Village, then back to the only place it can ever go, his home from home. It blows in, the maid is just in time to save herself, and the storm abates.
   But the storm does not like to be confined, it needs to be free. It blows about it’s confinement, searching, venting it’s rage on two cans of Village food, then smashing a black box under foot at the annoyance of the thing. Then once again it blows outside, through The Village, down onto the beach, chased by storm chasers in an all terrain vehicle. But as it happens this particular cyclone was snuffed out by a weather balloon, and once again the storm abated……but not for long.
    The storm hit again the next day, it tore through The Village, ripped into the Green Dome, demanding to see Number One, but having to settle for second best. The whirlwind learned about Cobb, it’s the rule of survival, it’s either them or us, and do it to them before they can do it to us! But which side is the storm on? Where does it’s loyalties lie? A storm is indiscriminate, there is only damage, it doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you are. When a storm blows in, all you can do is hope, and clear up the mess afterwards.

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