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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Caught On Camera!

   "We have a full set of Number Six's finger prints."
   {Well I should hope so!}
    "Yes I know my own fingerprints!"
   {Yes he would! See what I mean, No.6 is just too good to be true! Do you know your own fingerprints?}
    So how is it possible that two men can have the same fingerprints? Well No.6 could be right, that the problem with science is that it can be perverted. Then on the other hand, No.6-Curtis might have been wearing No.6's thumbprint. In that an impression of No.6's thumbprint could have been made out of latex and placed on Curtis' right-hand thumb, this in the same way that James Bond wore Frank's thumbprint, or was it fingerprint, but either way it was in the James Bond film 'Diamonds Are Forever.'


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