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Tuesday 20 May 2014

More Village

   This is M2 the other self of Helen who is back in New York heavily sedated and taking hallucinatory drugs in order for her to dream The Village. It is not clear why M2 has to remain sedated in The Village, as it's not her who is dreaming The Village, it's Helen. However perhaps M2 has to reflect Helen's situation in New York.
   It seems a shame that in having created The Village M2 can spend so little time conscious, as the longer she remains conscious the more holes begin to appear in The Village, which she created in her subconscious in order for her to have a son 11-12, but then who is unable to spend time with 11-12.
   11-12 is frustrated that he doesn't know his mother, and so in Checkmate Two gives 11-12 the key to the wall safe in which the drugs that keep M2 sedated and dreaming The Village are kept, along with a black pill that can bring M2 out of her sedated state of  mind. And so it is that finally M2 gets to spend some time with her son, and time to walk in The Village. 11-12 asks M2 what she saw when she was walking, she sees what happens when she's awake, the holes...... but 11-12 says that if that's what it's like then why can't they leave? M2 has a difficult time explaining to her son that only some people can go to the "other place." People can go to the other place, 11-12 wants to go there, but why would he want to when they have The Village, it has everything 11-12 could want? But for 11-12 it doesn't have his mother. If they go to the other place then they can be together. M2 has to tell her son that only certain people can go to the other place, people who were brought to The Village, and not those, like 11-12 who are born of The Village, and that comes hard to 11-12, because for him The Village is not enough.
   The things M2 has seen within the walls of her mind, everything, every step her son 11-12 ever took. So working with that prognosis M2 saw her son wilfully stab his lover 909 to death! More than that, in the final episode of Checkmate, M2 will suffer a Village death when 11-12- suffocates his mother with a pillow. What could be worse than that? Helen in New York who is dreaming The Village actually sees her son suffocating her in The Village, and feels her own death. I always thought that it was impossible for one to experience death in a dream, that the subject always wakes up before death occurs. But in any case, in having suffered a Village death, that's the end of M2 in The Village.

Breathe in....breathe out...more Village

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