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Tuesday 13 May 2014

It's Big Brother Isn't It?

   If it isn't, then it's the next best thing! When the Professor's face is seen on the television screen it always makes me think of "Big Brother" from Orwell's 1984, it's no wonder the Professor is considered to be the "face of Speedlearn." And yet it must be remembered the Professor's message on his tape recorder, that the citizens of The Village are being tricked, that Speedlearn is an abomination. So he knew that the educational experiment was wrong, that Speedlearn is slavery! He also suggested that the General must destroyed. But then how would the average Village citizen find the General, let alone have the power to destroy it? Fortunately for No.6, No.12 intervened, and aided him with the Professor's suggestion of destroying the General.
    Speedlearn has two flaws, firstly that it is dependent on students watching a television screen, and secondly it cannot teach the student anything of a practical nature. Like working with your hands in woodwork and metal work, sewing, home economics for example.
   Sometimes I've wondered if the educational experiment actually ended with the death and destruction of the Professor and the General. If so then The Village Administration gave up on perhaps one of the most important human experiments ever to be conducted, very easily!



  1. I can't rememeber who once said or where I read that the Speedlearn technology was more about sending out some sort of rays that would infiltrate the minds of those watching in front of the TV sets. And maybe also those only sitting nearby. Thus, the essential thing wouldn't be the lectures itselves but the technically arranged changing of the mind. I think we also speculated about the drinking water in the Village that could have been "treated". - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I trust you are well, and enjoyed the weekend.
      That's interesting, I have no memory of such a thing, but certainly that sounds about right, and accounts for the Sublimator used in the projection room, because it's that which transmits the lectures. As demonstrated during the Professor's final lecture.
      And that's right, we did speculate about the drinking water being treated, drugged, espeically at night in order to see the citizens sleep soundly at night.

      Will be in touch, and thank you for your other comments.
      Very kind regards