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Tuesday 20 May 2014

What’s The Story Behind The Milkman?

   Well not much of a one, but obviously he’s another of those agents who work for The Village, and it is his task to see that the Prisoner is returned to The Village. It’s possible that he could have once worked for S.T.E.N.C.H under the name of Milchmann - Milkman. But perhaps I'm thinking of the wrong Milkman, because he was stabbed to death in a warehouse!

Be seeing you!


  1. Why "Milchmann"? Something I should know? - BCNU!

  2. Hello Arno,
    Milchmann is a character in the film 'Carry On Spying' played by Victor Madden who is the brass band leader in 'Hammer Into Anvil.'
    Milchmann goes into a top serect laboratory establishment in order to steal a secret formula dressed as a Milkman. Just as the Milkman goes into the Kitting Out Room on the areodrome in 'Many Happy Returns,' in order to take the place of the RAF Group Captain.

    Very kind regards

  3. Alright! Although I know there was once that series of "Carry on!" films, also shown in Germany, I never saw one. Thanky you! - BCNU!