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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Dance Of The Dead - A Right Old Pantomime!

    A pantomime that would be right, an apt description of the episode of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ There’s Peter Pan the boy who never grew up…..played by a woman, there’s also a principle boy, again played by a woman, along with little Bo-peep who always knows where to find her sheep, and together with a number of Village citizens in fancy dress costume all at the ball in the evening!
   No.2 said there was to be a cabaret and as it turns out, No.6 is it, put on trial for the possession of a radio, another pantomime! The radio didn’t even belong to No.6, it belonged to the dead man No.34 seeing as how No.6 took it from a pocket of the dead man’s trousers. But I suppose that possession is nine tenths of the law, and that was good enough for the courts Judges. The Defender becomes a prosecution witness, and the Prosecutor objects when the sentence is passed by the three Judges who judge in the name of the people, and the people carry out the sentence in the name of justice! But never mind, it’s the rules you see. And no-one has ever seen these rules, because they are the unwritten laws that govern society.
   So why go ahead with this pantomime? Why not simply have No.6 brought before the Committee for the possession of the radio? Unless the object of such a pantomime is simply to humiliate No.6. After all we know that no harm will befall No.6, even though the mob are turned loose on him, seeing as No.2 declared she doesn’t want him broken, that he must be won over, that there are other ways. Well I hope they’re better than this one. Because if ‘Dance Of The Dead’ was designed to break the Prisoner’s spirit, it didn’t work!

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