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Friday 23 May 2014

Teabreak Teaser

  In ‘A B and C’ did ‘B’ actually have a son, or was that simply a ploy used by No.6 to confirm his suspicions, that ‘B’ was being manipulated?



  1. Good point. No.2 said they'd researched No.6s whole life but did not say the same about A, B or C (or D). So either B did have a son and the research into B was inadequate, or B didn't have a son and No.6 is being crafty.

    As viewers, we can only guess.

    It would have been more amusing (to me anyway) if No.6 had asked about Bs hamster.
    "How old is your hamster now?"
    "What is your hamsters name? An easier question"

    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      That's a fair comment. My wife has wondered whether or not 'B' actually had a son. As you say, the viewers have to make up their own minds, as we can only guess.
      And I liked the questions about 'B's' hamster, very amusing, to which 2's answer might be reading from the file, "Rabbit yes, but there's no hamster!"

      Enjoy the weekend
      Very best regards