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Thursday 15 May 2014

Village Life!

    Headmaster "You were caught smoking in class."
    Pupil "Not me sir."
    "Not you?
    "No sir."
    "Who was it?"
   {The pupil remains silent but carries on smoking}
   "That's cowardice boy!"
   "That's honour sir."
   "You're a fool boy!"
   "But I don't rat!"
   "Wasn't you?"
   "No sir."
   "You know who it was?"
   "Yes sir."
   "It was you boy, you're smoking now!"
   "No sir."
   "You're smoking now boy! What is it, Woodbine or Park Drive?"
   "Number Six!"
   "You trying to be funny boy?"
   "No sir. Have you got a light?"


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