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Sunday 18 May 2014

Village Life!

    “What’s all this then?”
    “It’s the answer.”
    “The answer, the answer to what?
    “To ‘the Prisoner’ of course.”
    “I fail to see!”
    “Yes a good many people have the exact same problem. So we’ve worked it out scientifically.”
    “So what’s the answer?”
    “What do you mean why?”
    “Well when we work that out we’ll know everything. Such as why did you resign? Why had you become disillusioned with ‘Danger Man?’ Why have this idea or obsession about a man in isolation? Why the Lotus Seven and not the Elan? Why did No.1 turn out to be you? Why Portmeirion? Why the need for ‘the Prisoner?’
    “Well I’ve kept a good many people in employment!”


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