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Monday 19 May 2014

Pictorial Prisoner

   The Rook told No.6 that he needed more transistors, No.6 told him he'd fix it. No.6 then encounters No.8 who asks him if he's coming for a swim, no, but he mustn't stop her. She asks No.6 to sit beside her, which he does, and the conversation turns to the locket about her neck. No.8 is under the impression that No.6 gave her the locket, but No.6 tells her she's got the wrong man. But if she's got the wrong man, why has she got the right photograph? No.6 asks to see the locket, and upon opening it discovers not only his picture, but also the wiring, which he shows to the Rook asking if any of the pieces of it are any good? "All I need!" says the Rook. What? Two very short pieces of wire and some metal fret work. All he needs, I thought he needed more transistors?


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