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Saturday 24 May 2014

The Lotus Position!

    It seems peculiar that the Prisoner should choose to give Mister X a Lotus Elan to drive during the episode of ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ after all the Prisoner drove his Lotus Seven onto the European continent and all the way to Kandersfeld in Austria during a previous episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ So why give Mister X the Lotus Elan? It might be that the Prisoner’s Lotus Seven was in the garage at the time undergoing a service, and the Elan might have been a hire car! Or perhaps there wasn’t a Lotus Seven {Kar 120C look-a-like} available for the filming of ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ But then extensively it’s not Patrick McGoohan driving that Lotus Elan, it’s Frank Maher {stunt double for McGoohan} who stood-in for Patrick for much of the episode, the close-ups of Mister X were filmed when McGoohan had returned to ‘the Prisoner’ production after filming ‘Ice Station Zebra.’ Mind you it’s not Patrick McGoohan driving the Lotus Seven in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ either, it’s Nigel Stock, except when it’s Patrick McGoohan in the film footage used from ‘Arrival!’


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