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Friday 16 May 2014

The Prisoner And The Sporting Life!

   Number Six likes to keep himself fit and active, and fit for any contingency, any opportunity for escape that comes along. He's an athletic man, he likes to fence and was once on the Olympic fencing team. He shoots, his shooting average being 90%. Although he uses The Village gymnasium for his daily Kosho work-outs {very skilful in the Oriental art of Kosho is our No.6, and always ready to give anyone a dunking, if he doesn’t knock your block off first that is} he has built himself a private gymnasium in the woods, as sometimes he prefers his own company to that of others. He can box, very handy with his fists is our No.6, even when outnumbered, and only came unstuck twice, once when he couldn't make up his mind if he was Orthodox or South Paw, when he came up against his doppelganger No.12, or was it 6, no 12! And then there was that time in Barney’s Boxing Booth when Mr X came up against "The Killer,” the 270lb Polish giant - Killer Kaminski in ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’   
    He water skis, he swims, but not in the triangular swimming pool by the sea wall. It being much too cold in that stone lido! He can run, and possibly outdistance anyone over a hundred yards. But not when pitted against The Village guardian, ran himself into the sand that night he did. Although it might have been that No.6 was using the Guardian as a pacesetter!


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