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Thursday 15 May 2014


   Why does No.1 need to hide? Is it that anonymity is the best disguise? Or perhaps it's the case that people who hide are afraid, afraid of what discovery? When No.2 reveals who 'C' is in 'A B and C' its rather like when No.6 reveals the face of No.1. C tells 6 that he belongs to him now, and was told that there can be no return. 6 tells him 'Not until I know who you are. I've never liked secrets." And then the mask is torn away and the face of 'C' revealed, like the mask is taken away to reveal No.1.
   No.2 once said that he is definitely an optimist, that's why it doesn't matter who No.1 is. So No.6 isn't an optimist, he’s a pessimist and has never has liked secrets. And so the face of No.1 is finally revealed. But is that all there is? Does the buck really stay with No.1? Meaning that he and he alone is responsible for the Village? If so, then we might as well all pack up and go home. And yet as a friend Jana said recently in an email, "Maybe that Number 1 might be made up of the people by the people for the people. And therefore was the people. And that's where we run full circle again. Number 1 is Everyman is Number 6 is Everyman is Number 1. I like this, I especially like the possibility that No.1 is made up of the people, for the people, by the people, so No.1 is the people.”  An interesting and as far as I’m aware an original interpretation.
   Thinking about it, if you are an optimist, it really doesn't matter who Number 1 is. It doesn't matter which side runs The Village. Both sides are becoming identical, this could also count for the sides of the prisoners and the warders, in a way. So in a way this Number 2 got it right, without ever having met Number 1 himself.

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