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Monday 12 May 2014

Freedom Of The Open Road!

   By having abducted the Prisoner to The Village, not only had they denied the freedom of the individual, but they also denied him the pleasure of owning his own car in The Village. Twice No.6 gets behind the wheel in The Village, once when he tries to escape the Village in a Mini-Moke as he drives along the beach on the day of his arrival. And again when he steals a Mini-Moke in ‘Checkmate,’ when he and No.53 drive around The Village stealing electrical components in order to construct a radio transmitter.
    Outside of The Village No.2 allows No.6 to get behind the wheel of his car once more, but on his promise that he’ll come back. It must have been a pleasure for the Prisoner to be behind the wheel of the Lotus Seven {which he built with his own hands}, that and the freedom of the open road. I say freedom of the open road. And yet the freedom is an illusion, No.6 is not free, simply acting on the end of a very long leash held by The Village Administration that can be reeled in at any time.

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