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Monday 19 May 2014

You Brought Me Back Here!

   It is clear No.2 had previously been allowed to leave The Village after that episode of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ otherwise he wouldn’t have said “I’m not an inmate. You can say what you like, you brought me back here” for ‘Once Upon A Time,’ what’s more he appears somewhat unsettled having been brought back to The Village, certainly he’s in a foul mood, shouting at the butler to remove the breakfast, but to leave the coffee the coffee leave it, and ordering the removal of The Village Guardian! And then to go and lay the law down to No.1, telling him that he told him the last time that he was using the wrong approach. That this time No.2 does it his way or No.1 can find someone else! That could be deemed as biting the hand that feeds!
   Perhaps No.2 wasn’t expecting to be brought back to The Village again, perhaps abducted for a second time, depending of course how and when he became No.2 in the first place. Well previously No.2 had been a prisoner in The Village. You will recall how No.2 admitted that he had resisted for so short a time. So No.2 isn’t at all happy with having been brought back to The Village. What happened to the pride he once showed for The Village being a blueprint for world order, the whole Earth as The Village, that being his hope? Had that been said simply for No.6’s benefit? It’s almost as though No.2 didn’t want to be in The Village a second time. It cannot be because he’s about to put his life on the line for the cause, seeing as Degree Absolute is on No.2’s suggestion in the first place. Previously No.2 seemed very much at home in The Village, it would seem that already the misted veil is being removed from his eyes!

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