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Saturday 17 May 2014

Thought For The Day

    It has been commented upon that “the face of Number 1 (or the mask of insanity) is the end of the line in Fall Out?" I have an idea that it is only the beginning, and was the cause of the Prisoner handing in his letter of resignation!
   No.6 in dressing up in his own clothes would make him more like his old self, his former self, and that could be before he resigned, after he had resigned, but certainly before he was abducted to The Village. I resigned once, but I still remained myself, in fact I went one better, I went back to being my “old” self! Because I was not myself in the job where I worked! As I found out, and as No.6 told No.2 in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ “The job changes us.” And that could equate to No.1, and it might be that the Prisoner reigned because of what he had become….No.1!

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  1. Good Morning David,

    it's a true point that one doesn't resign from oneself but from a job. But then again the job changes us and our selves. That's where the connection is, indeed. So if we resign we do not resign from our selves who we want to be, but from the selves the job wants us to be. But I still think that it's been a part of our selves, and sometimes we become what we do, if we like it or not. Sometimes for real, sometimes at least in the perception of others. But at times we want to leave it behind, to escape.
    I agree, maybe Number 1 was becoming to strong within the Prisoner, maybe this is why he resigned.

    Very best wishes,

    1. Good Morning Jana,
      That's a fair enough comemnt, and I knew of course that this Thought For The Day would appeal to you.
      Yes the job does change us, we can become the job we do, and at times the reason for doing the job becomes it's own reason, and then that's the time to resign. Yes I also agree, that perhaps No.1 was becoming too strong within the Prisoner, the cause of his resignation.

      Have a very good weekend.
      Very kind regards