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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Web Of Intrigue!

    If anyone knows why the Prisoner resigned, besides the Prisoner that is, it's probably that bespectacled, bald-headed bureaucrat who sits behind a desk while the Prisoner paces up and down ranting and raving about something. I wonder what it was that had made the Prisoner so angry? Whatever it was it had an adverse effect upon him. But it seems to me that the Prisoner was letting off steam, as he was angry about something, he was enraged, and in those few minutes must have said something, or given some clue about why he was resigning his job.
   It has been said that the bureaucrat sat behind that desk is at the centre of the web of intrigue that is being spun, and that's correct, and that it was he who put the wheels in motion that saw the Prisoner abducted from his home. I'm not so sure about that. I see the bureaucrat to whom the Prisoner handed in his letter of resignation, as nothing more than a first point of contact. After all Danvers, who later replaced him, didn't seem very important. But in that case why did the Prisoner hand his letter of resignation to him, and not to the Colonel? Unless that bureaucrat is he couldn't be, could he? He might have telephoned the Colonel the moment the Prisoner had left that office informing him of what had just taken place. And then it would have been the Colonel who would have put those wheels in motion which caused the Prisoner's abduction. But he would have to have been quick about it, as there was probably only a few minutes between the Prisoner having handed in his letter of resignation and driving his Lotus Seven out of that car park, seeing as how the hearse was already waiting for him, to follow him through the streets of London, back to his home!

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