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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Thought For The Day

    If Number 2 is supposed to speak to Number 1 on the phone, and yet at the same Number 1 is standing right next to him, that's odd. The same time he wouldn't need to report himself because Number 1 was totally aware of his condition. I think if someone had an idea that Number 6 could turn out to be Number 1 when he first watched the episode he wouldn't have thought that Number 1 was on the phone. Which could have lead to yet another question: Who does Number 2 think he is talking to? I think maybe the Number 2s wouldn't necessarily recognize Number 1's voice. Somehow I think they mainly dealt with administration, maybe superiors, but not with that one person in charge. Yet I like the idea that it might be Number 1 on the phone despite Number 6 standing in the same room. Like as if Number 2 was speaking to another part of the consciousness of Number 6. This idea, interpretation, was put to me a few days ago by Jana, and I thank her for it. I have to admit that I like this idea of No.2 speaking to another part of No.6’s consciousness.
   Poor old No.2. No.1 was totally aware of the situation and of No.2’s paranoia, and so offered No.2 assistance. Assistance! He already had an assistant No.14, but No.2 would only allow him to assist in certain situations. No.2 refused No.1’s further offer of assistance, so it seems to me that No.1 hung No.2 out to dry so to speak.
   No.1 perhaps thought it an interesting experiment for him not to interfere, but simply allow No.6 to play on No.2’s paranoia and let him dig his own grave. A grave which No.2 thought he was digging for No.6, but only to find himself lying in it as he was forced to report himself to No.1!
   As an added footnote, it’s curious what No.6 said about No.2’s character flaw, that he was afraid of his masters, inferring there is more than 1!

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